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Dignity in Care - Part 1

3rd February

Buckinghamshire County Council has asked Healthwatch Bucks to look at the way that dignity is shown in Buckinghamshire care homes. Their aim is to give those who live in and visit care homes a voice about their views and experiences of dignity. Highlight what is done well and make recommendations where there are areas for improvement. We then publicly share information to help people make choices about the care they may need. This was an unscheduled visit; we were given up to 2 weeks’ notice but not the time or date. Healthwatch Bucks thanked the residents, visitors and staff at Swarthmore for their contribution to the Enter and View visit as part of the Dignity in Care project in January. Click here to see our ratings.

Claire Allsopp, Home Manager - Well done. Teamwork at its best. Something to be very, very proud of!

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