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2nd April

Oh what a happy time and the weather was perfect too.

The residents decorated the home with an array of flowers for Easter. 

The garden is starting to bloom with camellia's, magnolia and daffodils, we are so fortunate to have beautiful grounds to admire.

Easter was celebrated with lots of chocolate delivered to all the residents, by our own Easter bunnies - Avril being the main star.  Easter bonnets were decorated with the help of the care team and worn by our lovely ladies.  A lovely afternoon tea was enjoyed by everyone with lots of donations from our local Waitrose store.  Thank you once again for your generosity.  

We also enjoyed watching our chicks hatch over Easter.  This was an interesting week of being glued to watching the eggs hatch, watching in suspense whilst they hatched in the incubator.  Ann Marie was extra busy this week looking after the chicks and entertaining our residents.  This was a great project for everyone to watch throughout the week, lots of smiles and new conversations were had by all. 

 Happy Easter from Swarthmore.  

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