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Swarthmore Singers perform 

9th December

Jeanette our Activities Co-ordinator worked alongside the residents of Swarthmore and helped them write their own words to the music of 'What a Wonderful World' A capella style.

The words are very personal to our residents as they chose them amongst their fellow friends within the home.  You can read the wording below:

Friends at Swarthmore

Seated on a bench, Its a Summer's day

Flowers Bloom, In the month of May, 

Oh, how lucky I am to have friends at Swarthmore.

The ramblng rose, In shades of pink

The warm summer sun, Give our glasses a chink

Oh how lucky I am to have friends at Swarthmore.

Rhododendrons in the garden

So pretty, a display, Flowers on the terrace

Bring smiles every day, Families come to see us

At last, they can stay

Still, there's no hugging, When they go away.

All the staff are kind, we know them well

Patience and care, which they all excel

Oh how lucky I am, to have friends at Swarthmore.

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