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New Activity - Swarthmore Art Club

15th March

An exciting activity has been brought into the schedule of activities at Swarthmore as we start to bring out the artistic side of our residents.  A group of residents have expressed their interest in painting, so Jeanette has started afternoon classes.

Studies show that while our brains inevitably age, our creative abilities do not necessarily deteriorate.  Art can reflect the past of an individual as its a sensory way to express ourselves.  Research shows that art therapy helps lower stress levels, combat stress and depression.  It also helps us connect with our memories and have a higher sense of well being.  Art can encompass many different mediums such as painting, drawing, dancing, etc.  Art increases the following:

  • A sense of accomplishment
  • Promotes communication 
  • Connects our past and present
  • Helps us recognise people as an individual
  • Strong sense of who we are 
  • Build friendships
The Art Club will take place every other Wednesday where different topics will be chosen.  So far residents have sketched a vase of flowers and painted in chosen colours, second class sketch and paint sunsets.  The next class will be drawing abstract art or ceramics.

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