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Visit from Alpacas

17th June

We recently had a visit from, all our residents and staff were very excited to see these lovely animals. We found these beautiful creatures therapeutic. We discovered interesting facts about the wool and how its used. Thoroughly enjoyable visit.

Alpacas are intriguing looking animals.  There is a sense of peacefulness about the gentle animals with their long necks, large eyes and long lashes, and the gentle hum when you stroke them.

Alpaca wool is used especially  for warmth in most countries. The fleece has a naturally water repellent. Alpacas are naturally from the mountains of South America where they have bred for thousands of years. For anyone that is sensitive to lanolin, which is naturally found in sheep wool, alpaca is an alternative fibre.

They belong the to the South American small camels. However, they are smaller and lighter than llamas; they don’t bite or spit. They have an element of therapeutic qualities which:

  • Bring down our stress levels just from watching, stroking, or walking them. This automatically brings down our blood pressure.
  • Reduce anxiety or calming effect on people which is a testament to their nature. They are emotionally intelligent; they seem to gravitate towards those who benefit from their presence the most
  • Mindfulness and deceleration – spending time with alpacas leads to a feeling of calm
  • Animal assisted therapy – give unconditional acceptance, calm and a good nature                                                           

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