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Swarthmore interaction with local Montessori school 

16th November

Living in a society where age segregation is on the rise. Research shows that interaction between older and younger people significantly helps the decrease in loneliness, delay in mental decline, lowers blood pressure and can also reduce the risk of illness. Its also evident when you see the interaction between the two; watch their faces light up! It goes without saying how rewarding these meets are. One care home in London introduced a nursery within their home and the difference this has made to the resident’s life is immense. It has boosted confidence and feeling of self-worth of the residents. It also gave them a reason to feel human and a reason to care about others.

Research also shows that the benefits for younger years are also immense. Meeting and talking to older years adds to their vocabulary and confidence when meeting other people.

It has also been noted that it adds to job satisfaction for staff, which is a boost to retaining staff within any organisation.

A perfect way to build a stronger community in the town too. 

Swarthmore recently had the opportunity to team up with a local Montessori school. Thanks to Caroline of Koa Tails Dog Grooming & Boutique in GX. After reaching out to GX Forum of local businesses, asking if anyone would be interested in forming a mother and toddler group at Swarthmore.

Ann Marie and Tina our Activity Co-ordinators spoke with Caroline and agreed to organise dates so they could organise regular meet ups at Swarthmore .  This will allow our residents and the children to interact with art, singing, discussions for example. Yesterday was the first session, allowing time for introductions. One of the children was confident to recite a nursery rhyme out to our residents, they were so appreciative of this.

This opened up an afternoon of reminiscing nursery rhymes from childhood after the children left. Residents thoroughly enjoyed the connection with the children, it was lovely to hear that their faces lit up when the children walked in to see them.

We are all looking forward to many more afternoon meet ups. I understand they might be doing some painting together soon. I will keep you all posted of future activity.

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