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Swarthmore Residential Care Home provides person-centered respite for carers in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire

8th December

Swarthmore Provides Person-Centered Respite Care

The millions of unpaid carers in the UK who provide ongoing care to their elderly relatives, often whilst juggling work and children at the same time, provide an extraordinary service. If asked, most of them will tell you that they’re glad to be able to look after loved ones, and that they wouldn’t want it any other way. Many of them will admit, though, that being a carer takes its toll over time, suggesting that respite care for carers is essential if they are to continue for the long-term.

At Swarthmore, we see first-hand the way that respite care benefits not only the carers, but also those that they care for. Our person-centered approach ensures that residents enjoy care tailored to their individual needs, and they enjoy the stimulation of new people and different surroundings.

“I stayed at Swarthmore for one week following surgery which was very beneficial to my recovery. The staff and atmosphere were very relaxing and caring. They also catered for my specific diet at mealtimes and nothing is too much trouble. All in all, the experience was extremely pleasant.”  Jennifer I.(Respite Resident)

What is Respite Care?

For caregivers, respite care offers a short, and temporary break from the role of carer.  Often, the person they care for will be placed in a residential care home which can offer them the same quality of care that they’re accustomed to. A respite break allows carers to pay some attention to their own heath and wellbeing, without having to worry about their loved ones.

Respite care can also provide a period of recuperation for respite residents following a stay in hospital for an operation, or as a result of illness. Occasionally someone who is cared for will request respite care, maybe because they want a break themselves, without having to worry about the standard of care that they’ll receive.

Why Respite Care for Carers Matters

If you’re a caregiver to an elderly friend, partner or relative, you’re most probably providing both physical and emotional support continuously. Periods of respite are essential, therefore, as they allow you to take a rest, consider your own health, and focus on other family members who depend on you. Without regular breaks, carers tend to find it increasingly hard to cope with the challenges of being a carer.

How to Arrange Respite Care

There are lots of reasons why carers need respite breaks, quite apart from the importance of having some time to recuperate:

• Family holidays

• Operation or medical procedure

• Crisis with another family member

• Work commitments

Where possible, working with the person you care for to plan and prepare a respite break is by far the best way to approach it. There will be anxieties on both sides, so it’s important to talk through what needs to happen, and the requirements you both have in order to make it work.

If you decide on a residential care home for your respite break, take a look at ones nearby. Arrange a visit to any you like the look of together – if appropriate – and read all the available reviews. Most important, take your time to find the right environment. If you do, it will be one you can use again and again.

About Swarthmore Residential Care Home

For more than 70 years, our independent care home in Gerrards Cross independent care home in Gerrards Cross has been delivering high-quality, compassionate care to respite and long-term residents. We’re situated in beautiful and tranquil grounds, whilst being just a short walk away from the town centre.

Everyone who works at Swarthmore considers it a privilege to offer person-centred care to our 40 residents. We take great pride in the environment we offer, and we thoroughly enjoy showing people around; if you’re considering respite care, do come and experience our relaxed and welcoming atmosphere at Swarthmore. 

Would you like to speak to someone at Swarthmore Residential Care Home about respite care? For an informal chat, or to arrange a visit, call us today on 01753 885663, Option 1.

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