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Swarthmore Residential Care Home – Celebrating Christmas with a Loved One in Residential Care

15th December

Spending Christmas in a care home will be different to your past Christmases! We still celebrate in style at Swarthmore. A visit from Santa as he delivers gifts to residents, followed by morning coffee with mince pies. A traditional Christmas lunch is served with all the trimmings. Friends and families are welcome to pop in at any time to visit residents. The home has a wonderful atmosphere at this time of year.

Christmas is a time for sharing gifts, food, and simple pleasures with friends and family. In this article we consider ways that families and friends can celebrate, even though adjustments may be necessary.

Recognising That Festive Celebrations Will Be Different

For many families, Christmas is a time of pleasures and traditions that have grown and developed over years. Having to acknowledge a change in the pattern of your Christmas doesn’t mean a huge impact, but advance planning can be very helpful.

Take time to talk to each other about how things will be different and try to find ways to plan together for an alternative Christmas celebration. For a loved one in residential care, being involved in these plans will reassure them that they’re still central to the family’s celebration of Christmas.

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts – Some Ideas

It’s not only the celebrations that will be different for someone in a residential care home; the gifts that will delight them are likely to change too. If you know from experience what they’ll want, or if there have been hints dropped in conversations, the problem is solved. If, however, you’re puzzling over an appropriate gift, here are some ideas:

•  A calendar with personalised photos for each month. Fill in the dates of birthdays, anniversaries, and special days for the family. This can be updated over the coming year.

•    Items that are pleasing to feel next to the skin, such as a woollen shawl, a luxurious dressing gown, or a fleecy throw for over the knees.

•    Subscriptions to a favourite magazine, or books that have a particular resonance for the person receiving them.

•    CDs, DVDs or a mobile device that allows for streaming. Being able to make choices about what you watch or listen to, and when, is a great gift.

•     Jigsaws, crosswords, sudoku, word search, or logic puzzles

•     Having access to your favourite perfume is important, smells are sensory

•    The wrapping is as important as the gift. Wrap your present in such a way that your loved one will be able to open it without help; we never lose the delight and expectation of unwrapping a gift.

Visiting in Residential Care for Christmas

Most families and Christmas Day guests plan their visit in advance with the staff at Swarthmore. This helps us manage the flow of the day and give each resident and their guests the care and attention they deserve.

About Swarthmore Residential Care Home

Swarthmore ensures that Christmas is a special time for residents and anyone visiting the home during the festive period. For the past 70 years, our independent care home in Gerrards Cross has been recognised as offering the highest standards of compassionate care for respite and long-term residents. Situated in beautifully landscaped gardens, we’re just a short walk away from the town centre.

Swarthmore offer person-centred care to all residents. We care deeply about the environment we offer, and we love showing people around. If you are thinking about residential or respite care, come and experience the special atmosphere at Swarthmore

Would you like to speak to someone at Swarthmore Residential Care Home about residential or respite care? For an informal chat, or to arrange a visit, call us today on 01753 885663

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