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Respite Care - A Sense of Purpose

25th January

Often things don’t go the way we want them to, a sense of purpose helps us to put things in perspective.

Retaining a sense of purpose is an area that worries most people considering a move to a care home. Activities is one area that helps retain skills from your earlier life. Swarthmore Residential Care offers person centered care so activities are able to support individual needs which allows everyone to take part in some kind of social activity. We offer days out when the weather allows, exercise classes, art, poetry and much more.

Residential care allows you to use your social skills; maybe you have been living alone for some time or maybe unable to get out as much as you used to. Loss of functions can also hinder your option to continue some hobbies or lifelong wishes. Meeting new people allows a group of people to help each other. This allows social skills to come together and enjoy an activity together. Making new friends is also a skill set that opens closed doors. Social time becomes fun again. 

A care plan outlines your likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests. Structure helps everyone gain a sense of purpose. At the beginning of each week we present each resident with an activity schedule.   Lots of interesting options to choose from.

Leading a happy, healthier life gives a strong sense of purpose. Motivation plays a big part to ensure we continue to give structure to our lives especially as we become older. Here are a few areas to help you work towards:

• Look after your physical health – continue to garden, play with grandchildren, a short walk each day

• Continue your hobbies to the best of your ability or try something new

• Meet people or join a local club so you don’t lose your social skills

• Maintain a healthy diet, drinks lots of juice or water to stay hydrated

If you are thinking of a short respite break, Swarthmore Residential Care can help you gain confidence. Respite care will allow you to take a break and recuperate whilst our care team take care of you. We have refurbished rooms which are ideal for respite care. Call to arrange a viewing 01753 885663, Option 1, we look forward to hearing from you.

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