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Swarthmore Care Home’s Quaker Roots

On 24th January 1945, before WWII came to an end, Friends (Quakers) in London recorded a concern about finding accommodation for elderly Friends in the London area, many of whom had been displaced as a result of the war.

Swarthmore Housing Society Ltd. was formed in March 1946, a house in Gerrards Cross purchased, and the first 14 residents moved into the home in October 1947. Over the years, the home has been extended significantly, increasing the possible number of residents to 40.

The care home is run in accordance with Quaker values

From the very beginning, and still today, Swarthmore Housing Society Ltd. – a not-for-profit concern with charitable status – has been the responsibility of a Committee of Management serving on a voluntary basis. In the early years, residents were able to oversee the daily running of the home themselves, but as times changed the need for a Home Manager, and eventually the range of specialist staff we have today, became necessary.

Everyone is equally welcome regardless of their faith or religion. The care home is run in accordance with Quaker values and our ethos aligns well with the approaches needed to run a successful care home. To find out more about Quakers in Britain, click on the button below.

A Quaker meeting for worship, to which all residents are welcome, is held each Sunday morning in the Quiet Room.

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Quaker Roots