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Swarthmore presents - 'Sleeping Beauty' Pantomime

16th December

This year has been difficult for everyone! Christmas in the home would normally be very busy with people coming and going and entertainers performing for the residents. As we know none of this is possible due to government guidelines, due to Covid-19.

Ann Marie decided Swarthmore was not going without a Christmas Pantomime this year! So off she went to find a production script and before we knew it, scripts were flying around, and the team were allocated roles to perform in ‘Sleeping Beauty’. The cast included a Narrator, King, Queen, Nanny, Jester, Fairies, Fairy Godmother, Evil Fairy, Prince and Princess and a Minstrel. Costumes were provided for everyone taking part. The performance took place in the lounge of the home and a backdrop for the stage area was created. Dixon mastered amazing signage for the performance.  Everyone involved had a part to learn and some were able to enhance their voice.  Avril was the most amazing  Evil Fairy who had the best cackle ever! Jess and Rebecca choreographed amazing moves for the production – hats off to the girls.  I believe we have a few talented staff that may end up in the West End next year!

During the interval, choc ices were served in style with a homemade theatre ice cream tray. The cast went off to change costumes for Scene 2  and the residents had their ice cream. Claire narrated the second half of the story dressed an an elf. 

The afternoon came to an end with a bit of a sing song for everyone including the residents. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I believe it left everyone feeling the ‘Spirit of Christmas’. The residents applauded and thanked everyone for their hard work and a wonderful performance.

I believe this was a special moment; being able to take part in a performance for our very own residents was a pleasure for everyone involved. Claire thanked Ann Marie for her efforts and managing to put together such an amazing pantomime.  We couldnt have done this without you. 

Merry Christmas Everybody.......... 

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