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What care homes offer to help improve life for their residents?

30th August

Swarthmore Residential Care Home Quaker values lie at the heart of our home, simplicity, peace, integrity, community, and equality. We believe that these values resonate with people of all faiths, ages and backgrounds, which is why our home is such a wonderful place. Person centered care means offering people choices. Personalisation is about having choice and control, person centered care is the icing on the cake for most people. It’s about being sensitive to individual needs and wishes, whether someone wants to eat in their room or take a bath on specific days for example. It helps our carers get to know the likes and dislikes of individuals. Knowing who a person was, is and wants to be! Making sure that residents are fully involved in all areas of their care.

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What creates a sense of belonging in a residential care home?

Swarthmore has created a homely environment, one important factor for anyone moving into a residential care home is keeping a sense of home. A sense of living together with other residents is almost an extension of your own family.

Having choices of how to spend your day

You might want to go out with a family member or friend. Stroll around the grounds and enjoy the outdoors or join in with activities on a regular basis. All these day-to-day options help you feel heard, understood, loved, and valued.

Some of the areas mentioned above are indeed some of the psychological needs of any human. Any adult understands the difference between being genuinely listened to and being politely ignored! Genuineness and sincerity are qualities that can only be registered when one becomes familiar with one another. Assisting with personal care throughout the day, allowing residents the choice to join in activities with fellow residents or on a one-to-one basis for anyone that requires personal space. All these choices allow a feeling of security and safety.  Building relationships takes time for anyone to establish.

Facts about people living in Care Homes:

1.  There are around 17,100 care homes in the UK.

2.  70% are Residential homes and 29% are Nursing homes.

3.  UK population of care homes is around 408,371. 70% of residents have severe memory problems or dementia.

4.  The care home workforce in the UK totals nearly 700,000 people.

5.  15.5 million people over 60 account for 23% of the total population of the UK. Currently 3.2 million people in the UK are 80 or older. By 2041 this figure is expected to be more than quadruple.

Above facts sourced through ONS –

As we all know articles in the news are constantly talking about mental health issues in all ages more so since the pandemic. Depression and loneliness are the main cause of the elderly. Moving to a residential care home can help eliminate these issues. Mixing with other residents is a way to make new friends, having someone to talk to, continue a hobby and so on. Having someone to help you in your daily routine makes you feel safe and secure. This allows you maintain and develop your personal identity. A way to enjoy your later life!

What do we do to improve the life of our residents here at Swarthmore?

Swarthmore Residential home gives you and your family 24-hour piece of mind. Providing tailored care from professional caring staff. Allowing everyone as much independence as well as a piece of mind, home cooked food, activities, and good company. If you are considering a Residential Care Home, give us a call to discuss your needs or concerns. We will offer you a viewing of the home and available rooms. Try a month’s respite to see if you settle. It’s a good place to start. Say hello and come and see our home. We are always available to answer your questions. Please get in touch to find out more about the care at Swarthmore Residential Care Home located in Gerrards Cross. Call 01753 885663, Option 1 today

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