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What Do We Mean by Quality of Life?

8th March

Quality of life is notoriously difficult to define. Everyone’s needs are different and can be challenging at times. This is where care homes derived from, the need for extra help when required.

If you are reaching a stage in your life where you need to enhance the ‘quality’ of each day, its maybe time to discuss the following:

• What areas do you need support with?

• What contributes to the difficulties in your day at present?

• What are your individual priorities?

• Are there areas missing that would benefit by being around others during the day?

• Do you have a balanced diet?

Quality of life can be confused with quality of care! Quality of care is very important of course. When the standard of care is high, it promotes and supports the quality of life. The emotional side of our life impacts the quality of life.  The transition to Residential Care.

The first month of moving in to a residential home is probably one of the most emotional times you may experience. Leaving your home life with so many memories behind you, can be very emotional. Take your memories with you, make your room as homely as possible, it’s a new beginning. It’s a place where you can feel safe and hopefully have no worries. You will have people around you 24/7 to help you carry out the tasks that have become difficult over the past months. A nutritional diet will be provided. A place to relax and make new friends. Family and friends can visit you as often as possible, you can still go out and enjoy family time too. Activities offer new opportunities where you may have thought that your health may not allow anymore. Working on tasks together with other residents allows people to continue a hobby.  

Swarthmore provides person centered care to everyone moving into the home. The care team learn to understand what matters to each individual, which helps you settle into a new home. Tailoring your care allows us to respect your wishes. It’s an emotional process working alongside any individual. It goes without saying everyone needs a purpose in life, being involved in activities in the home allows new beginnings. Activities offers poetry sessions, art classes, a walk in to town, visit to National Trust locations, a yearly boat trip in Henley. Just a few options that you can integrate into your day which can make a huge difference, whilst enjoying with your fellow residents. A boost to your day can make significant changes to your health which may have a positive outcome.  A home from home.

Starting point of helping residents regain some quality and purpose in life. Its important we get to know each other and your family/friends. Swarthmore Residential Care Home is a characterful home, it has a homely welcoming feel. We like to think we will become an extension to residents’ family. A community that everyone will hopefully enjoy being part of.

Feel free to call and discuss your concerns of moving into a care home. It may be helpful to try a couple of weeks with respite care. We look forward to hearing from you. Call Sally on 01753 885 663, Option 1.

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