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Working in a Residential Care Home

19th May

Are you thinking of working in a care environment? 

In a constantly changing world, your compassion, skills and experience bring reassurance to families and friends. Caring is a meaningful career, somewhere you can make a real difference to people’s lives every single day. Working in a residential care home allows anyone to demonstrate compassion, kindness, and an ability to support and inspire others.

Here are a few words from some of our carer’s:

I started my career working in an office environment and after many years realised, I wasn’t really enjoying it. My mum became ill, so I stepped back and helped care for her. The experience alone made me think about changing my options, so I tried domiciliary care which I did enjoy, but the travelling alone took up so much time. I wanted to spend more time with people so I could put more time into the care side. I feel have made the best choice and really enjoying caring for the residents. Making a difference to people’s lives is what it’s all about. You need to be empathetic towards people’s needs. Every day is different, and the people around you help support each situation.” Allison

My career started in IT which I enjoyed but wanted to do something else to help people. I feel I have a caring soul and want to give something back to life. Giving things back in life also makes you feel a good person. I first started a role caring for young adults in the community which I thoroughly enjoyed. I then decided working in one area would allow me to build relationships with people. Swarthmore was my next move and I enjoy every day I work there. Managers and colleagues are a pleasure to work with; we work well as a team. Management are always available to discuss any problems which makes me feel comfortable in this environment. Swarthmore is a lovely home for the residents, and I feel that I can make a difference to someone’s day by providing care and time with them”. Sonam

I had worked in care for years after applying for my diploma in Spain, I accidentally applied for what I thought was Nursing and it turned out to be for a HCA. I decided to move forward with the diploma and have never looked back. I have worked in the community, but you tend to spend most of your time driving and not having the time to spend with people. I decided to apply for a position at Swarthmore and have never looked back. Swarthmore is very homely, with wonderful residents and staff. You can really build friendships with staff and residents; one of my residents recently told me that she relates to us as her family as she is so happy in the home. Khadija

If you are interested in a role in care here at Swarthmore, take a look at our Careers page where you can download an application form.  Alternatively feel free to contact Tracey Dovell or Carolyn Mellett by email – Or telephone 01753 885663

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