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Words to brighten your Day

4th August

Words are the framework around our emotions. Your words can help restore someone’s day.

Older people are a vital part of society. They came from a generation of hard-working people. It’s important to value their life experience and wisdom.

We all have days when we feel lower than others, it doesn’t take much to encourage someone to smile or lift their day, especially if you use kind words. As we age our physical challenges become an issue as our movements become slower, maybe some forgetfulness so it’s very important that we have patience and compassion when speaking to them. Don’t assume things, always ask a question instead of giving orders. It’s so easy to become frustrated and lose your patience, which will only upset or confuse the person you are talking to. It’s also important to remember that you can induce deep sadness in someone by saying the wrong thing, so try to think before you speak in those difficult moments. There will be certain days when one may feel lower than others, such as anniversaries. Try and make sure you spend time with them or go out for the day, so their mind is distracted. Sitting around plays on our thoughts and reflects on our mood.

Talking or asking questions about their past opens a box of memories for them. This is great for the mind and soul, an easy way to make people happy, even if there are happy tears along the way.

Here are a few more ideas to talk about as sometimes we run out of ideas or questions to ask:

• If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?

• Focus on what their interests are. Maybe you can help them restart a hobby if they haven’t touched on the subject for some time

• Ask them if they would like to go outdoors

• Nostalgia helps people reconnect with positive memories which improves a sense of well-being. 

Here at Swarthmore Ann Marie carries out person centered room visits weekly. This is your time as a resident to discuss anything or sit and do a crossword together. You can also discuss things that might be on your mind with your key worker or any other member of staff that you have become familiar with.

Talking to people helps lift our mood. If you have something that is worrying you it will help alleviate the problem. A couple of our residents explained why they moved into Residential Care; as they didn’t want the worry of running their own home anymore, it was all becoming too much. They now have the time to enjoy all the activities on offer, talk to fellow residents and enjoy a more relaxed way of living. You also have piece of mind if you feel unwell or unable to carry out a task; help is at hand 24/7.

If you are considering residential care, feel free to call Sally to discuss your options and arrange a viewing of one of our newly refurbished rooms. Call Swarthmore Residential Care Home on 01753 885 663, Option 1.

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