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Making the Most of Care Home Visits

15th September

Swarthmore Residential Care Home – Revised – Making the Most of Care Home Visits The first visit to see a close relative or friend in their residential care home may feel somewhat different to what you have been used to, especially if they’ve been living with you, or you’re used to visiting them in their own home. Seeing them in new surroundings living alongside people you don’t know, may feel a bit unnerving. It’s natural to feel this way, and in our experience at Swarthmore, families very quickly get used to the new environment.

Visiting Loved Ones at Swarthmore Residential Care Home

The staff at Swarthmore work hard to ensure that it feels like a home from home, both for residents and their families. Visits don’t need to be booked, they can last as long as you want, and there’s no set time for visiting. We want to make sure that family and friends are able to pop in when it’s convenient to them. We love to welcome children as visitors, and it’s a particular treat if a much-loved pet comes too. Keeping Up To Date With Family News Family life is made up of those precious moments when an engagement is announced, a new baby arrives in the world, or a grandchild gets the exam results they need to go to university. All these unique moments can still be shared with family members who are living in a residential care home; it may, however, take a little more planning to make them happen. Here are some suggestions for keeping your loved ones up to date with family news:

• A mobile phone is an excellent way to stay in touch, and there are different models for different levels of confidence.

• Let them know as soon as there’s ‘breaking family news’, so that they feel included in the special moment.

• If the wedding is too far away, send photos as it happens, and share a slice of the cake when you return.

• Ask their advice on birthday gifts, cake recipes, colour schemes or crafting techniques, make use of their expertise.

• Bring the new baby in as soon as possible; there’s nothing more likely to bring a smile to all our faces!

• Swarthmore can offer a WhatsApp video call or Skype with assistance to any family member or friend if you are unable to visit at times.

Celebrating Special Occasions in Swarthmore Residential Care Home

Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, these are all important milestones and can be celebrated just as well in a care home setting as in a private home. During the summer, the landscaped gardens that surround the house are a lovely place to enjoy a family celebration. Otherwise, there are numerous places nearby to visit, including Windsor, Cliveden NT, or the Chess Valley.

We also have several opportunities during the year where all families socialise such as our recent Summer Gathering. This enables families to meet one another, residents, and staff members.

Residents at Swarthmore enjoy a delicious range of food from our on-site chef, but, of course, a cake is always welcomed for birthday celebrations. These moments of delight when family and friends share special occasions with our residents are part of the life of our community and we welcome them.

About Swarthmore Residential Care Home Located in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, Swarthmore is an independent care home that has been providing compassionate, short-term, and long-term person-centred care for over 70 years. Our residential care home is set in beautiful, landscaped grounds, just a a short walk from the town centre. Our carers take great pride in both the welcoming environment we provide for our 40 residents and the quality of care we offer. Whether you're seeking respite care, or residential care, we would be delighted to give you a tour of our home, so you can experience the special Swarthmore atmosphere first hand. At Swarthmore we provide a home from home for our residents. For an informal chat, or to arrange a visit, call us today on 01753 885663, Option 1. 

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