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Lets talk about our Health

17th October

Ageing has effects on our wellbeing.

This month we are talking about Dementia …. It’s natural to worry about different symptoms we may experience which may cause anxiety which can lead to other problems such as depression. This is a reason to talk to a family member, friend or GP. Talking to someone helps alleviate worries.

Data from Alzheimers Society survey shows that 1 in 3 people may notice symptoms of dementia in themselves and didn’t discuss for over a month. Statistics show that 900,000 people in the UK have dementia. An increase in the number of people with dementia is driven by an age of population. Research shows that dementia mainly affects people over the age of 65.

There are many symptoms other than memory loss which may be:

• confusion

• needing help with daily tasks

• problems with speech or understanding a conversation

Remember to have patience and show empathy when talking to someone so you don’t make them feel anxious, offer support and a way to move forward.  It's so easy to become frustrated when discussing situations with our loved ones.

Swarthmore provides person-centred care which allows anyone to take part in the things they enjoy. It can be an effective way of preventing and managing behavioral and psychological symptoms.

Here are some key points of person-centred care:

• Treating the person with dignity and respect

• understanding their background, including their likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests

• looking at situations from the point of view of anyone suffering from symptoms or has a diagnosis of dementia

• providing opportunities to have conversations and relationships with other people

• ensuring that one has the chance to take part in activities

Being culturally sensitive ensures that care aligns with individual preferences while allowing choice. This alone empowers individuals to make their own decisions. A residential care home can offer a sense of security with all the relevant safety precautions in place. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you are considering some respite or a move to a residential care home:

Do you feel stressed or worried about living alone?

Are you able to cope with daily chores?

Do you feel worried about being on your own if you have an accident?

Are you worried about feeling lonely especially during the Winter/Autumn months?

Are you eating and drinking regularly?

Are you able to cook a nutritional meal?

If you are considering care and wish to discuss further, feel free to give Sally a call on 01753 885 663, Option 1 for New Care Enquiries

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