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What Makes a Good Care Home?

23rd November

Making the decision to move from a family home to a care environment is a significant step, and finding the right residential care home is crucial for a smooth and fulfilling experience. A well-established residential care home offers a sense of home, prioritises safety and comfort, and ensures residents receive compassionate care and assistance with daily tasks while preserving their individual independence.

How can older individuals and their families choose which care home can genuinely meet their needs? At Swarthmore Residential Care, we encourage prospective residents to immerse themselves in our community through a respite stay before making their decision. Spending 4-6 weeks in our environment provides an excellent opportunity to make an informed decision about the suitability of our care home.

Understanding Respite Care

Respite residents at Swarthmore enjoy all the benefits of long-term residency for a limited period. Taking a month or more allows individuals to fully experience a tailored care environment, enjoying good food, companionship, and stimulating activities without the worries of managing their own home.

Moving from a family home to a residential care home takes time, typically a few weeks to adjust. At Swarthmore, we acknowledge this process isn't one that can be rushed. Respite residents are invited to engage in activities at their own pace, and families are always welcome to visit, ensuring a smooth transition.

Deciding on Your Care Home

Finding the care home that’s right for you will depend a good deal on how it makes you feel; how comfortable, cared for, and ‘at home’ you are after your initial settling in period. There are also a number of ways to assess your care home, which will give you a more objective view of how good a particular care home is:

1. Is The Care Home Caring?

This question focuses on the caring staff. A telephone call to discuss your needs is a good place to start. A dedicated telephone line is available to help you with all your answers. If Swarthmore is the right home, then we will offer you a viewing to help you make your choice. We provide person-centred care to all our residents. Care is focused on individual needs so everyone can maintain their quality of lifestyle whilst transitioning to a new home.

2. Is The Care Home Responsive to Residents?

In order to be responsive to residents, a care home needs to know about each one of them as individuals. Swarthmore builds a picture of each resident’s lifestyle, such as likes/dislikes, family member, hobbies, routines, dietary requirements and more. It is important that anyone moving into a home is able to continue their social activities where possible.

We offer 2 activities daily, and residents can also join in various community groups such as Movers & Shakers, Rotary Club activities, or the local bridge club for example. Some of our residents ask for assistance booking taxis so they can continue to join friend’s social events which helps them maintain connections and encourages continuity.

3. Is The Care Home Effective?

Care homes are considered effective when residents are asked for their input on the quality of the home environment and facilities. The staff are vigilant in maintaining the quality of residents’ diets and they understand what is required for individuals to experience a good quality of life. Person-centred care ensures that residents are treated as individuals who are able to retain their sense of choice in their everyday lives.

4. Is The Care Home Well Led?

Get to know the Swarthmore Management team on the website before you visit. We will make introductions as we walk around the home, wherever possible. Swarthmore is a small independent care home with over 75 years in practice. A distinctive period building with some original features and some areas that have been modernised to ensure our residents are comfortable.

We make initial introductions to residents with similar interests to help you settle in the home. A key worker who is dedicated to you will be introduced to give you some familiarity. All our carers will make introductions whilst on duty. We hope that very soon the staff at Swarthmore become an extension of your family.

5. Is The Care Home Good for Residents?

A good care home provides the environment residents need in order to flourish and enjoy life. This means that their physical needs are taken care of, they’re encouraged to be active, creative, and thoughtful, and they feel safe and protected from harm. To find out whether we achieve this successfully, take a look on our home page at the feedback we receive from our residents and their families.

About Swarthmore Residential Care Home

Swarthmore residential care has been providing a home to older residents for over seven decades. Located in the heart of Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, our lovely, traditional property sits amidst extensive, landscaped gardens that provide a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Our carers are more than trained professionals; they treat our residents like family. They are the reason we can boast about the warm and welcoming atmosphere that envelops our residents. We've worked hard to create in Swarthmore a space where people feel at home and well-cared for.

Whether you're considering a short respite stay to get to know us, or thinking about a more permanent home, we would be absolutely thrilled to show you around. Come on in, soak up the friendly atmosphere, and experience Swarthmore first hand.

For an informal chat, or to arrange a visit, call us today on 01753 885663, Option 1. 

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