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Keeping well through the Winter months

7th December

During the winter months, outside temperatures can make our day-to-day tasks challenging. It's important to keep our spirits up and continue to venture out, as the winter months can also lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. Of course, outside conditions come with risks, which may cause injuries. We are also more likely to catch a chill during Winter months, so it’s important to wrap up warm when venturing outside. Worrying about the cost of keeping our homes warm and maintaining a wholesome diet. Worrying about the cost of heating and food bills can often affect our health too.

Keeping in touch with people over a telephone call, WhatsApp video if possible or invite people around to your home for a change. All of the above may be difficult if you live alone; cost of living factors in, and the motivation to cook a meal for one.

The likelihood of living with one or more long term health conditions rises directly in line with age. Our bodies are less able to regulate temperatures as we age due to various physical changes.

If a family member has had a sudden decline in health and you are suddenly caring for them, you may feel a mix of emotions as your daily routine changes. Consider extra help or a couple of weeks respite so you can get some rest time too.

Respite care is an option during the winter months. Swarthmore provides a warm and friendly home with person centered care. Our chef cooks heart-warming meals to suit all dietary requirements. Social activities are available twice a day within the home and we can also assist with taxi’s to community groups. Social communal areas within the home allow you to spend time with friends, family or other residents.

If you are thinking of a short respite break or residential care, Swarthmore Residential Care can help you gain confidence. Respite care will allow you and your family to take a break. It will give you time to recuperate whilst our care team take care of you. Respite care can also lead to something more permanent. Call to arrange a viewing 01753 885663, Option 1, we look forward to hearing from you.

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