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February Activities

27th February

We marked the festive occasion of Chinese New Year with a unique art project, creating a vibrant dragon using hand-cut shapes. Each resident contributed to shaping the dragon, fostering a sense of integrity and creativity. The month has been filled with diverse artistic projects, including felting sessions with Alison, collage projects guided by Wendy, and an early Easter celebration with Anne Park, where residents decorated eggs.

Our residents were treated to a ventriloquist performance, offering a novel and entertaining experience for many. It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to share some laughs and enjoy the unexpected.

We're thrilled to announce the addition of an interactive table, a generous gift from a recently closed care home. This new addition opens up exciting possibilities for our residents to explore technology in the upcoming months, providing them with engaging and interactive experiences.

For those who relish mental challenges, our residents have been dedicating a couple of hours each day to solving jigsaw puzzles ranging from 500 to 1000 pieces. The intricate puzzles not only reveal stunning pictures but also serve as excellent exercises for the mind, keeping our brains active and engaged. These moments of focused problem-solving contribute to a fulfilling and stimulating environment within our care home.

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