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Lets Help Combat Loneliness

4th January

Let us help you or your loved one combat loneliness…

We are all social creatures who thrive when interacting and connecting with others. As we age, many of us find ourselves more alone than we were in our younger years, often leading to loneliness. This can result in a state of vulnerability and social isolation.

Loneliness is not just a fleeting feeling, it can be crippling both mentally and physically, bringing with it the risk of depression, cognitive decline, and heart disease. The most common reasons for loneliness are the loss of a partner or spouse, separation from friends or family, lack of mobility and retirement.

Over the last year we have experienced the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been an immense contributor to loneliness as socialising is currently restricted. As we become older, the reliance on the outside world increases and we crave company more so than ever to avoid feeling lonely. Swarthmore Residential Care Home, in Gerrards Cross, provides a way of living that reintroduces that vital ingredient to a happy life. We provide Residential, Respite and End of Life Care. Swarthmore is set in beautiful grounds with a truly homely feel, and a focus on person centred care

Engaging in meaningful activities with fellow residents can make a huge difference to our mental health and wellbeing, giving us a natural mood boost and a sense of purpose which in turn improves our cognitive functioning. Anyone feeling lonely may also have a weakened immune system, which could have an impact when the body encounters infections and viruses.

Key Statistics according to Age UK:

1 million older people in the UK say they are lonely (pre Covid-19)

49% of 65 years+ (UK) say that TV or pets are their main form of company

Loneliness can be as harmful for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day

People suffering from loneliness are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s compared to people with a lower degree of feeling lonely

6% of older people (nearly 600,000) leave their home only once a week, if at all

30% say they would like to go out more often

41% of people age 65 and over in the UK feel out of touch with the pace of modern life.   This rises to 72% from the age of 85. 

Older women say they feel lonelier than men

How Swarthmore Residential Care Home helps combat loneliness:

Befriending - build friendships in small groups or choose to have one to one visits from our activity team. We introduce you to like-minded residents so you can share your interests. Making friends with our fellow residents and care team helps remove feelings of loneliness.

Birthdays – we love a reason to celebrate – a special cake is presented, and our super carers are always on hand to sing that birthday song and have a dance. No-one spends their birthday alone!

Communication - families are being forced to spend time apart during the pandemic. Different methods of communication have been introduced to our daily life. Here, at Swarthmore we introduced WhatsApp video calls, Skype and Zoom meetings, so everyone can keep in touch. We also hold activities alongside other care homes so we can interact with others who are having similar experiences.

Visiting - To combat loneliness and isolation, we have purchased a new Visitor Pod. This is a purpose-built, private visiting space that provides a safer environment for residents and their families, by significantly reducing the risk of infection. The Visitor Pod is a comfortable place with windows for ventilation and ramps for easy wheelchair access. When using the pod, residents can safely ‘socially distance’ from their visitors thanks to a clear screen with a two-way intercom. Emergency call points have been installed on both sides of the Pod which is sanitised between visits and a daily deep clean. The facility is limited to two visitors at any one time, ensuring both residents and their families are as safe as possible. The pod has already provided countless hours of private, safe visiting time for our residents and their loved ones. We continue to follow Government Guidelines to keep our residents and staff as safe as possible.

Activities - We have a range of activities available twice a day, such as musical entertainment, movie afternoons, arts and crafts, poetry, quizzes with prizes, exercise classes and much more – refer to Activity Schedule on our website for more information.

Meals – Healthy and nutritional home cooked food is presented in our cosy dining area along with afternoon teas and much more. Here you can enjoy your meals with fellow residents. You also have the choice of eating in your room if you prefer.

Landscaped Gardens – Swarthmore’s gardens have been designed to suit all seasons, so you can enjoy the views throughout the year. You can relax on the patio during glorious weather or view the landscape through the bay windows in the cold winter months. A variety of wildlife like to visit the garden, so you will never be lonely.

Care Team – here at Swarthmore Residential Care Home, we provide kind, compassionate care, tailored to each individual. We believe in treating our residents with respect, dignity, equality, and integrity. We respect your independence and hope that you will find peace and friendship within our community.

We all know that all family members may not live locally to each other which can bring added stress and worry for everyone. We are all juggling life under difficult circumstances at present, due to the current pandemic. We may not be able to visit our loved ones or be visited by them. Concern about elderly relatives and their well-being is paramount in family’s minds.

Intervention is sometimes required to ensure security and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Family and friends may identify signs to suggest relatives are not coping. Loneliness can play a significant contributor in the decline of well-being. Please contact Swarthmore Residential Care Home - we are here to discuss all your needs and concerns and help you to make the next move as worry free as possible.

For an informal chat, please contact Sally Warminger, Sales Manager on 01753 885663, Option 1 New Care Enquiries

Let’s combat loneliness together…..

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