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March Activities

1st April

We have had lots to celebrate throughout March - St David's Day, St Patricks Day  and several birthdays amongst our residents.   A couple of virtual tours were enjoyed around different parts of the country to help celebrate patriotic days.  These tours were also complete with a traditional celebration drink. 

Amersham museum visited again bringing more memorabilia to the home, always great to see faces light up or make someone smile.

Art classes are proving very popular within the home - painting sunsets, abstract art and more.  

Mothers Day was celebrated with an afternoon of flower arranging with the residents and staff.  Families visited their mums, some residents went out for the afternoon.  

We have had an early taste of Summer and the garden at Swarthmore has to come alive.  

We have started to embark on decorating within the home; and lots more to come.  We will keep you updated as we progress to the next phase.

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