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Why choose a care home?

20th May

Considering a care home for an elderly relative or yourself can be daunting. We question ourselves time and time again, is this the right decision? Why do we choose this route? Safety and Care are the main concerns that highlight the fact that our loved ones can longer live in their own home. We all want them to enjoy the space they live in but most of all they need to be safe and cared for.

If you are looking for a residential care home for your loved one, please visit Swarthmore today.

Residential care homes offer safety for your loved ones

Care homes offer a supervised safe area, providing you with peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your loved ones. I am sure you are aware of the signs of aging. Daily chores become more difficult, hygiene slips, preparing healthy meals and drinking fluids to keep hydrated become harder.

Having the ability to prepare a meal for elderly people can be challenging. Signs that you may need a care home, start to become apparent such as; weight loss and a decline in mobility. Loneliness is another contender maybe after losing a loved one, I think most of us have experienced isolation since the pandemic. Moving to a care home can help serve a purpose to all the above concerns.

Residential care homes offer friendship

There are lots of opportunities to carry out a hobby with others, learn something, sit and chat about world affairs or reminisce about the past. According to Age UK, 1.9 million older people in the UK often feel ignored or invisible, and loneliness/isolation can have a big impact on their mental and physical health.

When moving to a care home it's important to make the move as smooth as possible. Swarthmore can offer you the choice to furnish your own rooms to make them as homely as possible. It’s important to have those crucial comforts around you such as photos, cushions, pictures or a special piece of furniture.

What to look for in a residential care home

● 24-hour care – someone who is trained to help maintain a healthy lifestyle

● Personalised care to suit you – assistance with washing, dressing, companionship

● Fighting loneliness – always someone to chat to or have a game of scrabble for example

● Medication management – trained professionals to administer regular medication

● Peace of mind – provides confidence that your loved one has the care required at the right time of their life. We all lead busy lives, we don’t necessarily live close enough to provide comfort and assistance – that’s what we are here for

● Clean safe environment – controlled temperatures within all rooms. As we age our body temperature feels cold. Housekeeping maintains a clean, hygienic environment throughout the home

● Nutritional meals - Fresh prepared nutritional meals that can be enjoyed in our dining bistro area. You also have the option to dine in your room

 ● Comfortable environment – personalised setting to give you that homely feel

● Privacy – You have your own personal space when require that downtime. Space to enjoy family or friends' visit in your own bedroom

● Activities – to keep the mind stimulated. Our activities team provide two activities per day with the option of one-to-one activities for those who are unable to leave their rooms. Outings are arranged from time to time, for those who may be interested. We don’t need any excuse to celebrate those special days. Always something to keep you active. Animal therapy is always a hit, we have weekly visits from our PAT dog Thula.

● Chores – sit back and let us do it for you. Laundry, housekeeping, meal preparation, gardening. It's your turn to sit back and let our care team care for you

● Gardens – we are blessed with beautiful gardens and views for you to enjoy during the years spent here. Even when the weather isn’t so pleasing you can always look through the windows and enjoy the views. Our stunning garden provides year-round interest, having been designed for the seasons and for the senses.

What can Swarthmore Residential Care home offer?

A welcoming environment with a homely feel will hopefully help you settle in. Introductions will be made to your fellow residents so you can make new friends. Our care team will also become your friend, as they fulfil your requests and help you with day-to-day routines.

Swarthmore provides person-centred care for all individuals. We always respect everyone’s wishes but we try to encourage everyone to join in social activities. Our dining area is a good point to start enjoying lunch with fellow residents, another place to make new friends. We also have a quiet room to read a book or enjoy some time out whilst enjoying the views. Our lounge is a communal space to enjoy an activity, cup of coffee with residents or watch TV together.

Swarthmore is a warm and welcoming, peaceful, and comfortable home and you can feel a sense of family from the moment you arrive. Quaker values lie at the heart of our home: simplicity, peace, integrity, community, and equality. We believe that these values resonate with people of all faiths, ages and backgrounds, which is why our home is such a wonderful place.  Swarthmore is a not-for-profit concern with charitable status.

Thank you for reading our blog ‘why choose a care home? If you would like any more information, please get in touch with Swarthmore Residential Care home today.

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